Monday, September 10, 2012

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post!
Time goes so very quickly these days....I remember my grandparents and parents saying that so I guess I'm getting older.
On my mind?  Just this...why is it that we humans, all created wonderfully by God in God's sight, cannot seem to accept each other and get along?
Why do we fight over trivial things?
Why do relationships end just because we disagree----not that we don't love, but that we disagree and neither will move, surrender or even---gee think of this---CHANGE their minds!
Why do we go to wars over the dumbest things?
Why do we abandon the very people who are trying to love us the most and the best?
Why do we walk away instead of walking toward each other?
Why do we wait until someone we love dies before we express the appreciation and love we have for that person?
Why do I have to be like you?  And why do you have to agree with me?
Why do we hate?
Why is it so hard to sustain love and support for each other.

I know...lots of I have the answers?  To some, yes, but to many, I'm still searching too.  And the thing is, even if I have the answers----will you listen?

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