Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So much learning and so many different ideas roaming around in my's great but I'm afraid I will forget much of it too least I'll have my notes.
Watching the workshops and talking and writing has been an excellent exercise for me. I haven't done that in a long time and I've missed it.  I love the discussions in bible study and discussions I have with individuals but that is different. This is--yes it's selfish--for me, and it feels great.
I wouldn't want to do this all the time of course, because I'm really beginning to miss my people a lot! But, it has been wonderful and I still have another couple of weeks to get fed.
Next week is mostly fun, which will be a nice break.  And then, the last few days will be in silence and prayer....another very good exercise for me.
God is so amazing!
I am constantly touched and aware of the Spirit moving in and around me in people, in nature, in books and even in times of fun and relaxing.  My awareness is much higher right now and for that, I'm quite grateful.
I do miss the folks at the churches.  I'm acutely aware that today was Mary Magnuson's funeral and I missed being there...I spent that time in prayer for all of them.
But being at home for much of the time has made it a blessing and difficult to really remove myself from the churches.  Blessing because spiritually I feel close to them.  But difficult because I know I have not totally let go during this time.
God has been a blessing in this too though.  Sometimes when I am reading I think of particular people or programs or situations at the churches and I think I am more aware of those because I am close.
I still have work to do and fun to have.  And I ask God's blessings on all of us during this time so that when we all come back together it will be with great joy and anticipation!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gosh.....a week done already!  It goes so fast! I have read 4 books [already had read an additional 3 to get a head start], participated in 10 hours of workshops and met with my professor once.  Wow!  So much is swirling around in my brain and I have pages of notes already.
It is SO SO SO important for me to take time to recharge like this!  Some would think this is yucky and that's ok, but for me, this is honey and milk and meat for my soul.
My prayers are reflecting the nutrition already.  My attitude is as well.  I am more joyful and less tired.
I have had other wonderful experiences this week.  I met with the wonderful woman I am mentoring in ministry and I am praying for such clarity and wisdom for her in this time.  We had a meeting that blessed us both and I thank God for that.
One of the great joys was that I was released from Physical Therapy this week---YAYAYAYAYAY!!!  They call me the over-achiever and encouraged me not to overdo but I met all the goals so I can continue on my own.
I spent time quilting and reading one of my favorite fiction authors---YAY! and even got the Christmas tree down!
Today is a day of play---all play!  Going to do a little shopping, have lunch out and swim and the fitness center.  Then home for a marathon of NUMBERS or DOWNTON ABBEY.
One of the things I promised myself on sabbatical was that I was going to experience small church worship in other denominations to see what they are doing and to gain perspective and appreciation for God in other am not going to a Disciples church tomorrow.....first time in many years.  But I look forward to being fed because God is truly in all places and with all people.
Whoever reads this....bless you!  And  thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And sabbatical feels very strange and yet, very wonderful.
Participated in my first workshop and reading session today.  Awesome stuff already----learning is great!
One of my chief goals for this time is to restructure--or destructure my time so that my life is more in balance....less focus on work and all the thinking, ruminating and planning and more focus on fun and play and rest and enjoyment.  If I know that there is work to be done, it is difficult for me to set it aside and let it go until tomorrow. I end up working at home almost as many hours as anywhere else.  NOT a good plan for life.  I do not recommend this for anyone and, in fact, I preach against this practice.
SO....I'm trying to relearn...which is much harder than learning.
But, as many of you know, when I set my mind to something, I usually manage to do it.
And I have a month.
And I have God.
And I have the prayers of many friends.
Eat healthy.
Be with loved ones.