Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listening to Our Elders and Loving Each Other

It's always such a surprise when I realize how long it's been since I posted anything.  And how fast time is moving in my life now.

My grandmother used to tell me that time would go faster the older I got.  And I, like most young people, scoffed at that.
But, as usual, grandma was right.
And how much I have realized that truth through the years.

It bothers me a bit that our youth don't even listen to the wisdom of our elders today.  Sure, as a young person, I might scoff or think them silly, but I listened.  And I absorbed.  And I remembered.  And when a time came to recall and use that wisdom, it was my heart and brain.

I worry that isn't the case anymore.  Scripture teaches us that we are to value the teachings of our elders.  Yes, we are to live in the present and future and yes, that might look different and feel different.  BUT, we are still to listen, appreciate and hold on to the teachings of our elders.  We just might need them someday!

Who are our elders?  Those that have walked through more in life than we have---more joy, more pain, more challenge, more hope!  Listen to one another with the Spirit of God in your midst and I guarantee you will learn and grow!

Scripture also teaches that we are to love one another.  And I know it sounds repetitive, but WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT PART??????

I see people treat each other so poorly....with no respect, no dignity, no sense  of needing one another.  And we DO need each other.  Harsh words, ugly actions, ending relationships over truly trivial matters is just not what God envisioned for our world.

AND--it's not getting us anywhere but deeper and deeper into despair and hopelessness.  We would rather be right than compassionate.  We would rather run over someone than sit with them and listen.  We would rather treat each other as "useful tools" than humans that God created in God's own image.

Today, I pray that all of us are just a little nicer to each other....that we give a little more than we take.....that we SEE each other's beauty and name it and claim it and celebrate it as a gift from God!

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